Music Lessons

Weekly lessons in our studios, located near Bridgewater, and in Hillsborough near the High School. Time slots are either 30 minutes or an hour and billed monthly, with payment due the first lesson of each month.

Lessons are customized to each students interest and abilities.This helps maintain their interest while steering their progress and understanding. Students choose songs they want to learn to complement the course material designed to introduce and/or improve their musicianship and technical skills.

We hold recitals in a variety of performance venues to allow students to show off their progress while building confidence performing in a public setting.

Our students are encouraged to foster musical relationships with other musicians in their social circles or from our other students. This allows them to explore the interactive nature of playing in an ensemble while improving their organizational skills.  I offer band camps to assist with group arrangements and dynamics.

The recording studio and my production skills are available to any budding song writers wishing to promote themselves and their material.

For any students who are ready and interested, we offer age appropriate performance opportunities in the surrounding communities as well as at music festivals in the summer months.